The CXO Story

CXO Partners as the name suggests aims at handpicking leadership that is crucial to elite corporate and represents the decision making the authority of an organization. The word CXO is a new-fangled corporate terminology catering to the designation on the likes of CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, CTO and others that make the leadership pyramid of an organization. We specialize in CXO and leadership hiring along with providing 360 degree HR management solutions.

Our strategies and processes ensure availability of a best possible pool of qualified applicants to the clients. We cater to the Exclusive and Effective C- Suite and Board level manpower requisites of top Indian and MNC companies in all the industry verticals. This is possible only because of our large databases and wider access to potential candidates complementing greater awareness of competencies needed by clients. With an aim of delivering efficacious search results in minimum turn-around-time and zero flaws, we are ensuring leadership search that meets the changing world of work.

CXO Partners has been exclusively retained by some of the Fortune 500 companies in diversified industry verticals. We also possess expertise in recruiting people from Public Administration for Large Indian Corporate which makes us a preferred hiring partner to our clients.


The Logo Rationale

People are at the very heart of the business of CXO Partners. Be it individuals or groups, CXO Partners strives to ensure the success of the clients and make them stand out from the crowd as achievers.

The logo captures simplicity at its best as it conveys multiple meanings with the use of simple elements of bars, birds and globe. The bars denote people and the bigger one in the middle shows how CXO Partners helps you be different than the others and stand out from the rest of the competition. The birds represent the spirit of CXO Partners of inspiring people to soar new skies and achieve new heights. The globe element in the letter 'O' is retained from the logo of CXO Global establishing a subtle link with the parent company.

The fonts used in the logo are custom made with overlapping layers and gives the logo a very distinctive as well as exclusive look. The Orange color instills a lot of energy in the logo and represents enthusiasm, creativity and success which CXO Partners inspires in its clients.


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