Executive Search

CXO Partners has developed a forte in strategically attracting top executives with the right talent and requisite skill-set required in the highly competitive and rapidly evolving business sectors. Our team of dynamic executive search consultants is dedicated to identifying, evaluating, engaging and delivering the highest – caliber C-Suite and top management executive professionals who could take care of the responsibilities and challenges and can immediately contribute to the company’s growth.

Retained Search:

To get the hiring right, a fundamental understanding of the employer organization is the key. This enables finding the right candidate in the most optimum time which matches the organization’s needs, culture and fits in well. To establish this strong understanding of the organization a symbiotic partnership is imperative and hence CXO Partners provides the retained executive search service. This service not only ensures that the right talent is sourced in the most optimum time but also makes sure that the talent is the best fit and stays in the employer organization for long to deliver quality results. This service is provided in three mediums –

Specific: Based on the specific talent requirement of the organization, generated either through an attrition or new requirement due to a new project or business expansion we set on course on finding the right candidate.

Annual: Every organization has its own hiring needs which vary in scale and complexity depending on the organization. We cater to an entire gamut of such recruitment needs generated throughout the year.

Project Based: Starting on a new project brings along a whole set of challenges including getting the right project team. We excel in sourcing you the right blend of the team with the requisite skills which ensure the timely completion of the project along with quality output.

Priority Executive Search:

In every organization, there are several critical roles and critical positions and they tend to be indispensable for the business operations. Apart from that, at any point of time in an organization, a need for a new role is created be it due to changing business scenarios or to mitigate the growth trajectory. Hiring the right talent for such a position becomes the top priority for the organization and more senior the position, more challenging it becomes to close the position in the quickest manner. For such exigent needs, CXO Partners provides the priority executive search services to find the most suitable talent to fit into the role.

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