The Team

New Client Acquisition

Our scouting team of aspirational associates with an average age of 25 years backed by strong pedigrees like BE/B.Tech, MBA (HR, Finance & Marketing) with more than 3 years of recruitment experience in multiple sectors for this team. Their focus is on client acquisition which involves convincing the consumers regarding our services. At the same time, they manage customer prospects and inquiries that are generated by a variety of marketing techniques. Using appropriate client acquisition strategies helps us to grow, and targeted client acquisition programs help us acquire the right client in the most effective way. We place a greater focus on client acquisition and as the clients mature, we shift our focus to client servicing and retention.

Client Anchors

Our experienced team of associates with more than 8 years of experience coming from premier institutes with a good knack of functional knowledge making them well equipped to find the right fit. Our Client Anchors possesses strong planning and analytical skills and develop a deep understanding of the technical and business challenges that clients face and thereby identifies opportunities to service the clients in best conceivable way. The manager also monitors and analyses competitor activities to assess threats to important clients. In addition, he also identifies needs and organizes training and other initiatives helping clients use our services more productively.

Research & Data Scientists

Senior associates from reputed institutes form the think tank of the organization to provide the much-needed strategic impetus to the business through research, data mining, and analysis. A team with a broad set of engineering skills, with focus on strong data-driven thinking including experience building and deploying learning algorithms, optimization efforts, and data science-driven systems. They have experience working with massive datasets and the skills of visualizing the data thereby gathering valuable insights from it which shall further help the business and clients take key decisions.

Industry Veterans

Industry Veteran team with 30+ years of multifaceted experience with top conglomerates bringing in their rich experience along with a pool of network of candidates at CXO level and reputed Civil Service dignitaries and playing a vital role in advising client and candidate strategies. They help us formalize and streamline as we grow, to help us re-examine our goals and processes, to add perspective for a work-life balance that wouldn’t lead to employee burnout, and to help foster team collaboration. Experienced professionals who are not only patient and diplomatic but also surgical and action-driven; those whose wisdom would save precious time of the client and help them make more informed decisions.

Brand Evangelist

Brand Evangelists form the right medium for promoting and marketing our exclusive set of services and thereby enlarging our reach in the sector for touching upon the right businesses and partnering with them for delivering quality results. Turning a client into our brand ambassador for advertising our services is a big boost to us. In an overcrowded market where dozens of our competitors seem to sell similar services, it is a joy to find a business because of some extremely proficient brand evangelist in our team. A well served and happy client always turns into a strong brand evangelist for us thereby promoting us through word of mouth.

Support Team

Our support team consists of a polished blend of individuals excelling in support functions like Information Technology, Admin and other staff which provides the requisite support to the working team. Without the set of these people, it is impossible for the other teams to perform effectively. They ensure that clockwork running of the offices and streamline the processes thereby allowing the other teams to fully focus on their functions. Our support team is more advantageous as the team also has a preliminary understanding of the services we provide and are completely aligned with our vision.

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