10 Best Companies to Work for in India

10 Best companies to work for in India

10 Best companies to work for in India

It is obvious that the quality of the work and profit of an organization depends on the competency of its workforce and manner of job execution towards company goals. But when it comes to sustaining productivity in the workforce, other factors like work environment, facilities & privileges, flexibility and motivation come into picture. An employee’s immediate surrounding hugely affects their work. From major aspects like gender diversity and financial incentives to minute things that might go unnoticed like quality of food in company’s canteen; or even the setup of cubicles play a major role in instilling a proper working environment in the workplace. A nice workplace leading to a great working experience can spur employees to work beyond their comfort zones and thus enhance dividends in the longer run. It also inculcates a sense of ownership in employees and changes the mindset of a working individual.

This crux is so subtle (and sometimes neglected too) that only few companies are able to realize and implement it for better efficiency of their employees.

Based on the survey executed by The Economic Times, these are the 10 best places to work for in India –

1. Intuit India

Founded – 2005
Employee strength – 948
Sector – Information Technology
Headquarter – Bengaluru

Known for its collaborative atmosphere, this company believes that “designations don’t define people” and promotes small company culture, so that people can stay connected to each other. It is among the very few companies that are quite open about LGBT rights and inclusivity at the workplace. Mr. Somnath Baishya, HR head’s conviction that, “It’s very simple, together we’re stronger” makes this organization evidently the best to work for.

2. American Express India

Founded – 1921
Employee strength – 6856
Sector – Financial Services
Headquarter – Gurugram

Old and well established company practices inculcate a systematic work pattern in this organization. Employee flexibility is quite evident here. Work hours or location do not matter to the organization as long as work is completed on time.  There are standardized systems for leaders to support healthy living among team members. The fact that it has been ranked second for second year in a row speaks a lot about its consistency in being a great workplace for employees.

3. Google India

Founded – 2004
Employee strength – 1863
Sector – Information Technology
Headquarter – Hyderabad

Google India has a very open culture and encourages ideas and creativity. An employee can share ideas with top management and people have liberty to ask anything in meetings. Right from the professional flexibility and adaptive culture, Google India’s café that offers scrumptious food are perks that employees enjoy. Google also encourages employees to pursue their passion such as music, drama or any other form of art.



4. Lemon Tree Hotels

Founded – 2002
Employee strength – 3492
Sector – Hotel Industry
Headquarter – Mumbai

Its commitment to employ the disabled makes it standout. It is a prerequisite for managers to know sign language in this organization and 8000 employees have undergone training for the same. They also focus on developing an energized team of employees and growing leadership pipeline. An employee working for this organization can expect a quick career growth.



5. SAP Labs India

Founded – 1998
Employee strength – 6489
Sector – Information Technology
Headquarter – Bengaluru

Being an innovation oriented company; it has been building a strong culture of entrepreneurship in the organization. Its policy of allowing a sabbatical of up to 2 years for entrepreneurship to experienced employees is one of a kind. It has cultural and gender diversity and creates LGBT awareness. It’s not only about the career growth but any kind of special request by an employee is heard and taken to the senior level.



6. Adobe India

Founded – 1997
Employee strength – 4875
Sector – Information Technology
Headquarter – Noida

Fostering an innovative culture, this company focuses on hiring more women which helps in gender diversity. Its new healthcare policy allows employees to submit bills for fitness and healthcare activities like gym and swimming to actively promote better work life balance.



7. NetApp India

Founded – 2001
Employee Strength – 1536
Sector – Information Technology
Headquarter – Bengaluru

It is the swankiest office building and has a great infrastructure with a fitness center, convenience store and pharmacy. To add to the enviable surrounding, there is a tennis and basketball court along with a jogging track. The company ensures that the employees are taken care of and their needs are met. Apart from that, employees get five days of leave annually to volunteer with a cause or organization they care about.



8. Teleperformance India

Founded – 2001
Sector – BPO
Employee strength – 8302
Headquarter – Gurugram

Employee centric policies and great gender diversity (from 600 female employees in 2015 to 3000 in 2017) gets Teleperformance #8 spot on the list. It focuses on enhancing social skills of employees to maintain appropriate sensitivity balance in the organization.



9. Pitney Bowes

Founded – 2007
Employee strength – 660
Sector – Information Technology
Headquarter – Gurugram

Supportive management and flexible work culture ensure a stress-free environment here. It has an attrition rate of 12%, while the industry average is 15-20%. Interaction with senior staff is easy, which makes it a better place to work for employees.



10. DHL Express India

Founded – 1997
Employee Strength – 2402
Sector – Logistics
Headquarter – Mumbai

A household name as a courier / logistic company, this company believes in the catchphrase ‘As one’ that depicts the unity in organization. They maintain standardization in operations and technology as well as people practices. It offers a lot of opportunities to employees for growth in the organization.

Every workplace has its positive and negative attributes, but it is a company’s responsibility to make it comfortable and familiar for its employees to sustain productivity and efficiency. Each organization has its idiosyncratic ways to work in this direction. Some companies believe in gender diversity, transparent communication, zero hierarchy approach and work-life balance; while others offer high incentives, better facilities and a flexible working environment. To choose a workplace as the best is a subjective matter based on personal preferences; but on the basis of surveys done over the year it is quite evident that Google India is among the best organizations. With each company doing its best to get in the list, it is expected to become more competitive in future and spread more awareness regarding balanced work-culture.