How to Choose the Best Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency or an HR agency works as an intermediate between its client and the candidate. They have an expertise in HR management and recruitment processes. When it comes to organizations, recruitment agencies select and evaluate right candidates for them. For a particular candidate, they find a right job opening that is in alignment with candidate’s skills.

Recruitment agencies differ according to the services they offer, the region where they operate and the sectors they cover. Also, they help in the recruitment for different levels in the hierarchy. Some of them may be inclined towards lower or middle management, while others would be offering service at leadership level. So, when an organization requires a strategic partner that can help you in the recruitment processes, it is important to choose the right recruitment agency.

Organizations and candidates need to keep the following points in their mind while they hire a recruitment agency –

1. Define the requirements –

When it comes to hiring, different organizations have different requirements. Some may be in need to fill a permanent position while the other may need an employee on contractual period. These specifications are very important to consider while selecting a recruitment agency. Some of the employers may be looking for candidates on leadership level while the others may need a candidate at the middle level of management. HR management must be very sure about the kind of candidate they need and the skills associated with the vacancy. Determining the staffing needs is the most basic step in selecting the right recruitment agency for the particular assignment.

2. Search for recruitment agencies in your region –

It is very important for some organizations to work with a recruitment agency who knows the dynamics of local market. Such kind of an HR agency would be able to deliver the best fit for the organization’s culture. If an organization needs to hire a person for Ahmedabad location, then it would be better to contact an HR agency which is located in Ahmedabad. Same is the case with other cities. Some recruitment agencies have experience in hiring candidates overseas too. An organization has to choose the best one among the available ones.

3. Agency’s qualification and experience –

Once an organization is done with selecting the relevant recruitment agency, it is important to ask about the qualification and experience. This would give an idea about their competency to execute a particular task. For example, an HR agency with an experience in leadership level hiring would be able to deliver services regarding CXO recruitment. An organization must also check if the agency is qualified enough. This kind of approach would ensure that the agency you are going to hire is qualified, experienced and well versed in recruitment laws and practices.

4. Consider sector –

It is important to look for a recruitment agency within your sector. If an organization has to hire a manufacturing manager in a steel company, then it makes more sense to consult an agency with rich experience in industrial sector. Going to a technology recruitment agency for industrial sector hiring would be futile.

5. Time and Financial factors –

It is an HR manager’s responsibility to negotiate with a recruitment agency in terms of money to save the recruitment cost. Also, it is necessary to get the recruitment process done in optimal time. It is important to note that an HR agency who claims below market rate may not be perfect to work with. Also, the ones who claim prices above the market rate may not be the best ones. It is more about optimizing the recruitment cost rather than going for the cheapest one.

6. Personal Recommendation or word of mouth –

If someone from your network has recommended a particular recruitment agency, it is more likely that they will be providing good service. This is the most traditional way but the most effective one. A personal recommendation ensures that the HR agency is competent and the hiring process would lead to productive results.

7. Check their website and social media handles –

In the contemporary digital world, every organization has a website and a social media handle where they post their updates and blogs which depict their thought leadership. Same is the case with recruitment agencies. A website gives an idea about their clientele and domain and the social media handles give an idea about the culture of the HR agency. After going through the clientele, an organization can also contact other organizations that use their services. By doing so, an organization gets an idea about its reliability, ethics, practices and professionalism.

A good recruitment agency adds value to an organization. It doesn’t only execute the hiring process but also works for long term with the organization as a business partner. It also provides consultancy services in other HR related activities. So, it is imperative for an organization to consider all the above factors before consulting an HR agency.